Space Bar – 27/07/2008

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Auckland rocks!

Thursday afternoon off work, getting ready for road trip and potentially epic weekend in Auckland. Friday morning last minute packing then off to pick up my mate, then hit the road for 6+ hours in the car.

Made it to where we were staying around 16:30ish and met up with one of my friends up there and headed into centre city to try catch up with another. Parked up at O’Carrolls in Vulcan Lane (So the map tells me lol). Dinner and a few drinks there where our 4th met up with us. A few other semi-random acquaintances came and went through the evening, but eventually the four of us headed to the pool hall not far from the Sky Tower for a few games. Back to crash out around 1am.

Saturday Morning… well it was bloody wet and damn cold. We ventured back in to central city for my mate to pick up a b’day present for a 21st she was going to that evening. Other than that we wandered for a little but eventually got sick of the crap weather and headed back inside to watch a few movies.

Saturday dinner consisted of a very wet sprint around the corner to a thai place on Dominion Road for the most mild “Extra Hot” thai green curry I’ve had (Don’t get me wrong, it tasted really nice, just wasn’t that hot even though we’d specifically asked it to be!). Then a drive into Viaduct Harbour to drop my mate off at the party. A few more vids for the remaining 3 of us until we ventured back in for a pickup, then a quick change and off to Space Bar in Newmarket for Vaccine ft Thomas Bronzwaer. Got there a bit after midnight and stayed until closing at 6am. It was BLOODY AWESOME! So wish we had venues like that locally!

After getting back for a few hours sleep we packed up and got back in the road, making it home around 19:30 Sunday evening.

All-in-all a great time despite the crap weather. Have to try get up again, maybe for Chemistry @ Space in September. For anyone who’s interested, there’s a couple of the little vids I took on with my phone here, and a few of my pic’s on flickr and facebook (for those of you who know my account), aswell as the ones on and =]

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