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It feels inherently wrong…

… to be in a meeting in Auckland at 9am and be back in the office in Hawkes Bay mid afternoon. Yet that’s how todays been. 7am flight to Auckland. Cab into centre city, making it just in time for the 9am meeting. Quick coffee after the meeting then cab back to the airport and back to Napier. Sitting back at my desk by 3. But anyway, I know no one really cares about such things. My real reason for dusting off the old blog was to post a couple of friggen hilarious pic that I just found.

Thursday, 10pm.

10pm. 527548 events logged by Snort since 7pm last night (the last database purge). The vast majority of those was during office hours today; not surprising given the general peak traffic time on the network. Snorby is holding up well although ruby seems to consume a lot of resources, and I managed to crash the server by using the email a report function (it tried to run an SQL query that was over 4.8 MILLION characters long – 2 hours at max system resources and it finally tipped over). Other than that all is looking good.