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Photos taken on my Nokia N95 Phone

05/11/2008 – Day 6

Ok, so last Thursday (30/10/2008) I got my tattoo done. 6 days down and it’s healing quite well I think. It scabbed up a bit and most of it has had it’s peel, so now we’re starting to see the real result. I’m quite happy with it, although I can’t say it’s looking PERFECT. The dividing lines were meant to be horizontal but maybe that’s just how I’m holding my shoulder distorting them. Also one of the lines at least will need a touch up on the colouring as there is a small patch that missed out obviously. I’ll possibly try get back in and see Miss PQ on Friday …


In a previous post (here) I worked with a photo of me and did some colour correction. Now I’ve done some more work. We’ll call this one Version 3. Version 2 (From Previous Post): Version 3 : This time I’ve done a few things… Firstly I did some cropping and a little more colour correction using a curves adjustment layer and a hue/sat adjustment layer. Then came some general touchups of the face (I know, there’s only so much I can do on a face like that lol). Last came cleaning all the paperwork etc off the wall on the right hand side of the picture. I tried just a …

Colour Correction

So I’ve been doing some stuff with retouching and colour correction of photos lately, and predominantly in the area of portraits, getting skin colour correct. As a result, I thought I’d put up a before and after of one of the basic pics I have done some really simple correction on. This photos was taken in my office with my Nokia N95. Before: After: It’s by no means perfect, but it’s a start. I’ll post further revisions of this image as I get time to do more work on it. =]


Space Bar – 27/07/2008 Originally uploaded by hoppers99 Auckland rocks! Thursday afternoon off work, getting ready for road trip and potentially epic weekend in Auckland. Friday morning last minute packing then off to pick up my mate, then hit the road for 6+ hours in the car. Made it to where we were staying around 16:30ish and met up with one of my friends up there and headed into centre city to try catch up with another. Parked up at O’Carrolls in Vulcan Lane (So the map tells me lol). Dinner and a few drinks there where our 4th met up with us. A few other semi-random acquaintances came and …