Raring Ringtail (Ubuntu 13.04)

Everyone needs a project, and for a few reasons I recently decided my project was to get Ubuntu running on my desktop PC. I wanted something to distract me from working at home too much, and I needed a distraction from my head being in overdrive. And so the mission began…

Bits and Bobs (or Bits and Bytes)

So after my last article, I got asked a few questions about data and speed. Speed is one I’d like to write about but I think it’s a bigger topic than I have time for at the moment but I figured a little info on data should be easier (easier, not necessarily easy) to tackle.

Netflix and other US restricted content in NZ

So life in NZ is pretty good. We may be a little out of the way as far as the bulk of internet content is but that’s slowly changing with more content being cached onshore.

Lets take a look at the content that they make it harder to get if you’re not in the States! We’ll start with Netflix and how to get it playing to your Apple TV in little old NZ.