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Maybe it’s the time of year…

Wow, coincidence? After much neglect I come back to this blog, answer a few questions and do some updates. While trawling around I notice that the last post I made was exactly one year ago today!! Maybe it’s the time of year. The cold weather has me relaxing on the couch keeping warm; no doubt the same was probably true this time last year too. Cold and I don’t get along all that well… So a year is a long time, and thinking back I’m trying to piece it all together in my head. What’s changed, what’s new etc. The main change I guess are that I’ve moved house. After …

Netflix and other US restricted content in NZ

So life in NZ is pretty good. We may be a little out of the way as far as the bulk of internet content is but that’s slowly changing with more content being cached onshore.

Lets take a look at the content that they make it harder to get if you’re not in the States! We’ll start with Netflix and how to get it playing to your Apple TV in little old NZ.