I just wanna free-fall for a while…

So the end of the weekend is drawing nearer. It’s been a good one; the main event being a cocktail party for a 50th. Far too much alcohol but good fun coming up with some interesting mixes.

Other than that, damn it’s been a nice sunny weekend. It’s definitely got me in the summer mood. Shorts (much to the detriment of anyone without sunnies on =P ) and the house wide open. Won’t be long before we crank up the bbq I think. Not quite warm enough for the beach yet but I doubt that will be too far away either. And well the hay-fever has started to kick in but shit you can’t have everything good I guess. =P

Time to go get some sunshine and hope I don’t burn to a crisp! Here’s a bit of music with a good beat and some good lyrics:

And here’s a random pic for the day…

There's these moments - by MiCa

There's these moments - by MiCa...

The text for those who can’t read it is…

It’s difficult to ignore what’s
Really on the outside
When the inside
Is fighting this corpse so much.

With minutes left
And the last hour gone
The beginning hasn’t even
Ended yet…

Have a good one all!

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