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Work… ’nuff said.

2012 is well underway…

So yet again I’ve shown a severe lack of motivation to update this thing for far too long… But after someone reading through a lot of the post history fairly recently I thought maybe it’s time to tidy a few things up and maybe even put some new (if thoroughly boring to most) content on here.

Insurance Pains

We’ve all heard the insurance claim horror stories I’m sure. What seems simple and straightforward, turns into an absolute clusterf**k once the chips are down! Here’s my story so far; lets hope common sense prevails!

Running Snorby on Debian (lenny) with Snort, Barnyard2 and Apache2

I recently setup a Snort sensor on a dedicated box and initially had it all running and happy. Then I stumbled across Snorby, and thought “that looks pretty mint, I might try that out” as BASE just wasn’t doing it for me on its own. In this article I’ll try and piece together a little about what the initial set-up was and how I managed to get Snorby up and running (and how I managed to get stuck several times along the way).

Drop the Rate Mate – What’s it all about?

Ok, so some of you may have seen my 5 seconds (if you combine the various recordings) of fame, and plenty of you are having fun giving me grief about it. For those who missed it, TV3’s piece is here and TV1’s piece is here. So, what gets me into a suit and onto national TV you ask? Well it’s a new campaign called “Drop the Rate Mate”, and basically it’s a movement lending its support and allowing the public to better support the current draft recommendation issued by the Commerce Commission on Mobile Termination Rates. The campaign was launched on the 11th of August 2009 and initially there are …

Wow, it’s been a while…

Yeah yeah yeah. I’m a lazy git and I know it. =P Ok, now let me think, what’s happened over the past … (checks) … 3 months (wow it even feels like it’s been longer than that). Well, let’s look at the key points I guess. Oh, but before I do, I have to say I think the arsonists that lit fires in Victoria (Australia) should be summarily shot. It’s mass murder on a grand scale and shows a severe lack of respect for anyone and anything. In fact, lets make arson a capital offence all round. Even the idiots here in NZ who set alight buildings that were part …

Colour Correction

So I’ve been doing some stuff with retouching and colour correction of photos lately, and predominantly in the area of portraits, getting skin colour correct. As a result, I thought I’d put up a before and after of one of the basic pics I have done some really simple correction on. This photos was taken in my office with my Nokia N95. Before: After: It’s by no means perfect, but it’s a start. I’ll post further revisions of this image as I get time to do more work on it. =]