2012 is well underway…

So yet again I’ve shown a severe lack of motivation to update this thing for far too long… But after someone reading through a lot of the post history fairly recently I thought maybe it’s time to tidy a few things up and maybe even put some new (if thoroughly boring to most) content on here.

The insurance debacle…

Those who read my last post may recall the “fun” I had with a lady deciding her car should be part of mine. Well, after the lovely letter I sent into my insurance company (at their behest) detailing my side of the incident, I followed up a week or so later just to confirm they had it for a start, and to see if any progress had been made.

While on the phone, a nice guy dug through their shared email system in which my submission should have supposedly arrived (it hadn’t been logged on my file yet) and found it. Equally, no responses from the other party had been logged, but he said if I didn’t mind holding he’d call her insurance company and see if they had got it from her yet. So after about 15 minutes of being on hold he came back to me reporting that the other insurance company hadn’t got their clients version back yet but after reading my submission both my insurance and hers agreed that she was in the wrong and even before they got her side. So my excess was waved and I finally got my car repaired!

I didn’t ever really think that they would side with her but I was surprised that even her insurance decided she was in the wrong without her side! I must have made a compelling argument lol.

I did finally get a copy of her side when she submitted it and I can see how she may have managed to convince herself that I was at fault, but it was one of those stories that if you started asking questions about any of the points it would have unraveled nicely. At the end of the day the accident happened because of the way in which she introduced herself to the existing flow of traffic. ’nuff said. Cheers State!


Those of you who know me will know that I love my music! At the moment I’m listening to “The A Team” by Ed Sheeran. It’s a really sad song once you listen to the lyrics but damn catchy tune.

I also imported “A State of Trance Year Mix 2011” from europe. Ordered around christmas and arrived shortly into January. Cost me all of about $35 including shipping for a 2 CD album and it’s been played over and over so I think it was a bargain and money well spent lol.


I’ve met a few new and interesting people already this early in the year. Some more interesting than others, and some particularly who are helping encourage me to try new things and forced me to think about some things that I have avoided for quite some time. This is a good thing for the record (I think…). I’m told I’ve been smiling more recently too lol.

Between road trips and spa baths it’s been a lot of fun and relaxation with new friends; not entirely stress free but certainly enough to tip the balance back the right way.

There has of course been the sad farewell to someone who while wasn’t a blood relation certainly rated as family to me. Farewell Grandpa, I’d like to think we celebrate your life will lived. You are and will be missed by many.

Speaking of Road Trips…

Well last month saw a trip to Auckland and Hamilton for a weekend (one night in each) involving live music and possibly a little too much to drink. Definitly too much driving in a fairly short period of time but well worth it over all. Good to catch up with friends too.

This coming Friday sees another trip starting too. Off to Wellington with one of those new and interesting people for Homegrown. There’s actually a small group of us going so should be an awesome experience and again good to get out and do something different! Who know’s what will eventuate…


Well we all know that work is one of those things that just kinda has to happen, but lately I’m pleased to say there’s been some improvement after all the uncertainty and things are looking up. Certainly enjoying work a little more again. And it’s helped by us all having moved offices much closer to home and town (pretty much anywhere away from smelly Whakatu would have been an upgrade!).

They jury is still out on how things will go long term but things are showing more promise than they have in some time!


Another thing one or two people in the world may have noticed is that my main website is currently replaced by a holding page as I build its replacement. The old one was an experiment in CSS based design and the ability to have the same content displayed significantly differently through the use of alternate style sheets.

That was all well and good but it’s rather outdated now and with more of my photos going public with the website URL in the watermark it seems a good idea to revamp it into a more professional front. The new design is simplistic and clean.

While the basic bits are done I’m writing a new gallery engine to display some of my pics; a mix of open source JS based popups with a bit of maths to get some gallery thumbnail pages with some more iterating layout (if all goes to plan). It’s been slow going with lots of other stuff on as well but hopefully something new to go live not too far off!

Anyway, time to start on dinner (yummy pork roast) so maybe I might make it back to another update some time soon and fill in the many things I no doubt missed! =P

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