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Everyone comes into your life for a reason. It may not always be the reason we thought or might have hoped, but there is a reason regardless. The best we can do is enjoy what we can and treasure that person while we can, as we never know when for some reason they will stop being a part of your life. Treasure today, treasure your friends, whether they fit in your life the way you wanted or not. Life’s too short to dwell on what might have been.

It’s been a busy few weeks.

Last weekend was 3 days with fire service doing first aid for the National Mountain Biking Champs at Eskdale. 2 days of downhill and the third cross country. Not too much carnage but lots of trekking up and down hills. It was fun but killed a weekend really well!

This week back to work, late nights, 19:30/20:30 and even 21:30 out of the office. It’s been nice and productive after hours when the distractions have gone. I suspect pretty soon the delivery boys for a number of the local places will not have to be told which door to come to… possibly not a good thing but oh well. We’ve got another developer on board which is great, not only in terms of work load but also to bounce ideas off, to look over code, to share our varying knowledge in the whole “two heads are better than one” style. He may be a junior developer but there’s definitely room for us both to learn stuff off each other, and it’s good having a second person trying to explain stuff to the non-coders! =P

A couple of weekends back was the wellington road trip and Homegrown. Wow what a blast. Homegrown was great, lots of great music, possibly a little more to drink than ideal but certainly not overboard lol. And an awesome time with good people; could have spent longer but all good things come to an end. =/

This weekend has been pretty quiet which has been nice too. Some work, some working on my own website, some time watching movies, and of course a good time with friends.

Progress on the website is good, functionality wise at least. I’m no designer, never claimed to be, and it’s showing… I have an idea of what I want to achieve with the look, but the current design just isn’t working I think. Might have to pull in some external advice. I’ve cut the content areas down for now, as much to concentrate on the bits I want most to get live (aka the photography galleries).

On top of all this, I’ve been looking into the WSO2 suite ( It’s more than I can motivate my brain to explain at present, but lets just say it’s got potential application for something I’m interested in. For those who have too much time on your hands and a clue what SOA is, go have a read!

I’m sure that I’ve missed plenty of details, and the ones I’ve put in are nice and random and probably don’t make too much sense lol. But oh well, that’s a bit for now!

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