101 ways not to start off a nice ralaxing Sunday…

I’m sure that nice ways would include things like sleeping in, breakfast in bed, or even a morning play around for those with suitable company; but here’s certainly one that is on the opposite list…

How not to start your Sunday #52:

Being woken up around 0540 by my pager and spending until a bit after 8am at a fire call.

It took my poor brain a few minutes to wake up when the pagers went off but after fumbling the keys a couple of times I made it to station. If I hadn’t woken up fully by then firecom telling me it was K99 and had just gone to 2nd alarm helped immensely!! =/

Of course a 4am wakeup a friday or two ago wasn’t so great either, but that was just to a mail queue alert (spamming p***ks!). At least you don’t get “persons reported” in a mail queue! =P

By the end it had gone to 3rd alarm and no persons located.

So that was my morning of fun. What does one do on a Sunday after being up this early you might ask? Actually not a great deal, I’ve achieved nothing of much significance. I debated heading to McD’s to grab some hotcakes but given the time we got turned out I hadn’t grabbed my sunnies (silly me,what was I thinking) so driving in the early morning sun just wasn’t pleasant.

Enough rambling from me for now anyway.


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