Oh what I’d give to be able to read minds…

Ever had one of those days/weeks/months where something leaves you somewhat perplexed… or more to the point, someONE leaves you perplexed?

I wonder if beaing able to read minds would actually make things better or worse. I guess it’s primarily dependant on if the thoughts that you read fit with what you wanted or not lol.

I’m currently having one of those … well we’ll say weeks, since it’s only really been the last week where it’s been significantly noticible. As in I’ve noticed myself thinking about it more at least.

People are curious creatures; I’m not sure if I’ll ever understand them. Certainly I’ll never understand the working of the female mind. What runs through their minds when their words and actions jump between polar opposites on a subject? Hell, maybe they don’t even know! The one thing I am sure of is that we ever started to figure it out they’d change the rules so us mere males were left in the dark guessing again.

Anyway, this isn’t the place to vent too many of my detailed thoughts on the present quandary but I just thought I’d put the comment out there and see if anyone is paying attention; other than the Russians that keep making comments thanking me for my post and inviting me to come buy some of their Viagra or codeine. Nice of them to offer I guess!

So boys and girls, why is it that girls seem to do the hot and cold thing so much? Is it trying to be friendly while still trying to let you know that it’s puerly a bit of good humour, or is it more just they trying to take time to sus us males out. Or something all together different?

Anyone who can give me the key to understanding a womans brain gets a chocolate fish! =P

Ciao for now!

One thought on “Oh what I’d give to be able to read minds…

  1. Meh~ I have no idea why you would think us girls are so damn annoying when men are exactly the same! No matter how we try, we will never understand the other sex, they are in a different cycle, have different things that make them who they are, and their raging hormones are all different types.

    also every person is an individual.. there are lots of parts to a person, just like a jigsaw puzzle, sometimes the picture you get at the end, isn’t what is on the box, Or you do it completely to fond that there is one missing peice, just to irritate you.

    women are complex creatures, put here to confuse men big time! :p But then I reckon men are here to do likewise, they are also incredibly confusing!

    MMMM Codeine.

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