Delays and Politics…

The political outhouse.

The political outhouse.

To different topics, but both current.

The politics bit is mainly because I got a laugh after I came across this old pic I’d been sent that I thought suited the current political climate and all the campaigning bollocks that’s going on at the moment.

The delay is that it will be an extra two weeks before I get my tattoo, as now the lady who will be doing it is apparently getting induced the day before I was booked in. The next slot they have after the one I had is now the 30th. =[

Yes I’m miffed about it, was all ready, had leave from work organised for the day etc. But I can’t be too angry, I mean, she’s having a baby. Nothing to say she wouldnt have gone into labour instead so at least I have some warning to get everything re-shuffled.

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