05/11/2008 – Day 6

Ok, so last Thursday (30/10/2008) I got my tattoo done. 6 days down and it’s healing quite well I think.

It scabbed up a bit and most of it has had it’s peel, so now we’re starting to see the real result.

I’m quite happy with it, although I can’t say it’s looking PERFECT. The dividing lines were meant to be horizontal but maybe that’s just how I’m holding my shoulder distorting them.

Also one of the lines at least will need a touch up on the colouring as there is a small patch that missed out obviously. I’ll possibly try get back in and see Miss PQ on Friday and book in to get it fixed up.

Other than that, it’s just a little itchy now but that’s normal as it heals (as with most scabs etc).

As I said, quite happy. Will be cool to get it fixed up and all healed up so I can get ready for the whole summer life of swimming and relaxing in the sun (can’t do so while it’s healing) but I’ll have to be really careful to keep it well sunscreened lol.

So what do you the public (the two or three of you that ever read my blog) think of it?? =P

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