39 days to go…

So it’s now 39 days until I head for Aussie (all going to plan). So now I’m just doing a little setup so that if I get sufficiently motivated I can update the few of you who read this stuff on how the trips going.

As well as the usual updates to base code and tiding up of plugins, I’ve now hooked things up so that hopefully this will now bombard facebook with whatever I post as well, just to help the couple that tend to read things on here in the loop. =P

Finally got the new passport today (yes, a rather essential piece of the puzzle). Pitty it’s only valid for 5 years (my last one ran out in Jan 2009 but had had a 10 year life). Finalise tickets on tuesday.

It should be a great trip, with among other things some great photo opportunities to be had on a 2 week bus trip covering a pile of Aussie along the way. Not to mention the exciting/scary/confusing prospect of meeting what can be best described as meeting up with some long lost family.

But anyway, more to come… maybe. Lets see if this facebook plugin works or not!

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