In a previous post (here) I worked with a photo of me and did some colour correction. Now I’ve done some more work. We’ll call this one Version 3.

Version 2 (From Previous Post):
Version 3 :

This time I’ve done a few things…
Firstly I did some cropping and a little more colour correction using a curves adjustment layer and a hue/sat adjustment layer.
Then came some general touchups of the face (I know, there’s only so much I can do on a face like that lol).
Last came cleaning all the
paperwork etc off the wall on the right hand side of the picture.

I tried just a fully plain background, and changing the window to remove the bars and blinds, but in the end I stuck with this version. I may yet change my mind but we’ll see I guess.
Still more to be done of course!!

4 thoughts on “Retouching

  1. okay so this comment has nothing to do with this post but your obviously not near your msn, just wanted to say that i LOVE the new banner on here.,….i LOVE Lillies 🙂

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