Roll on summer…

4 Months since my last post this time… I really need to get more organised and update more frequently. My memory just doesn’t store data for that long lol!

Aaaaaand to be perfectly honest there’s not been much of any interest to write about. I’ve hardly even taken any new pics! But I guess I’ll have a go at filling some space, going from most current and heading back as far as I can manage. =P

Today’s arrival: A brand new, direct from the US, GoldKey PIV token. It’s something I’m evaluating, and probably only of even mild interest to the more geeky of people. One could suggest that I need a life… lol.

ScaryTuesday 7th July: Did a dinner at breakers with a bunch of friends as a more family oriented version of pending birthday celebrations. This is to be followed up by doing the Dead Hill tour up at the Old Napier Prison and then hitting the town this coming saturday (hopefully I didn’t miss anyone on the invite list!).

The weekend of the 4th/5th July: I can’t tell you much about the weekend other than that I was feeling rather under the weather with a dose of cold (yes better than the flu, I know). Ended up taking Monday off work but I was determined to be back on board ready for the Tuesday celebrations as above! (Annoyingly I think I’m coming down with something again, although it might be a bit more than cold this time) =[

The last weekend in June: Saw two birthday parties. One kiddie one and one adult one lol. Both were a good laugh!

Prior to that: The only thing that springs to mind other than that is that I went a little mad and got my hair dyed. It was a blue/black job at Raymond Michals in Napier. It looked pretty good imho but the blue was rather subtle; I think I’ll try and make it a bit more noticable next time. =P

I’ll put up some more pic’s when I get a chance. Might even get some taken this weekend to add, although I’m sure that will be messy. =P

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